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At Lorena Luca Med + Spa, our professional waxing services are designed to help you achieve beautifully smooth and hair-free skin. Our seasoned estheticians are committed to delivering a comfortable and practical waxing experience using high-quality products and precise techniques. Whether you're looking for eyebrow shaping, leg waxing, or any other waxing service, our team ensures you leave our spa feeling confident and refreshed.

Waxing services we offer

Our professional waxing services leave your skin feeling smooth and hair-free for an extended period. Our skilled estheticians provide precise and efficient waxing treatments catering to your needs. Waxing services available at Lorena Luca Med + Spa:

  • Eyebrow Design | $25: Achieve perfectly shaped brows with our eyebrow design service, ensuring a flattering and polished look.
  • Eyebrow Design with any Facial | $20: Combine our eyebrow design service with any facial treatment to enhance your overall appearance.
  • Lip | $15: Say goodbye to unwanted lip hair with our lip waxing service, leaving your upper lip area silky smooth.
  • Eyebrow & Lip | $35: Enjoy the benefits of both eyebrow and lip waxing for a comprehensive facial grooming experience.
  • Chin | $15: Eliminate chin hair effortlessly with our chin waxing service, revealing a sleek and hair-free chin area.
  • Lip & Chin | $27: Combine lip and chin waxing to address both areas, ensuring a clean and refined facial appearance.
  • Face (Excluding Brows) | $40: Our full face waxing service, excluding brows, offers comprehensive hair removal to leave your entire facial area smooth and hair-free.

The benefits of waxing

Waxing offers a range of advantages for achieving smooth and hair-free skin, making it a popular choice among our clients. Some of the key benefits include:

Long-lasting results

Waxing provides longer-lasting results than other hair removal methods, with hair regrowth typically slower and finer.

Smoother skin

The process of waxing not only removes hair but also exfoliates the skin, leaving it soft and free from dead skin cells.

Reduced hair thickness

Regular waxing can lead to finer and sparser hair regrowth over time, making it easier to manage.

Precise hair removal

Waxing allows precise hair removal, ensuring that even fine or stubborn hairs are effectively eliminated.

Minimized skin irritation

Unlike shaving, which can cause skin irritation and razor burn, waxing reduces the risk of such issues.


Waxing offers a convenient solution for staying hair-free, with less frequent maintenance than shaving.

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Waxing is an excellent choice for individuals seeking a longer-lasting, smoother hair removal solution. If you value precision in hair removal, want to minimize the frequency of maintenance, if you're tired of the short-lived results from shaving, or are seeking a way to reduce the thickness of hair over time, waxing could be the ideal option. Our range of waxing services, from eyebrow design to full facial waxing, ensures you can achieve your desired level of smoothness and precision. Whether you want to shape your eyebrows, remove unwanted facial hair, or enjoy the convenience of less frequent hair removal, our skilled estheticians are here to provide you with a comfortable and practical waxing experience.

The waxing procedure— What to expect

Your waxing session at Lorena Luca Med + Spa starts with a brief consultation, allowing you to discuss your objectives, specific concerns, or preferences with our experts. Afterward, depending on the area, you'll be guided to a comfortable treatment bed or specialized waxing chair. Your esthetician will ensure the target area is clean and free of lotions, oils, or makeup. The esthetician will then apply warm, high-quality wax to the designated area. Our experts pay meticulous attention to shape and smoothness for precise facial waxing. A cloth strip or paper strip is pressed onto the wax, adhering to it, and swiftly removed in the opposite direction of hair growth, effectively uprooting unwanted hair.

In some cases, particularly with thicker or denser hair, the process may be repeated in the same area to ensure thorough hair removal. Afterward, any remaining wax residue is gently eliminated, and a soothing, post-waxing lotion or oil may be applied to calm and hydrate the skin. If you're receiving facial waxing in Raleigh, such as eyebrow design, your esthetician will ensure that the shape and symmetry are right. After the procedure, you'll receive aftercare advice, which may include avoiding sun exposure, applying soothing creams, and refraining from using harsh skincare products in the treated area for a short period. Still, generally, our waxing services are very relaxed and straightforward.

Why choose Lorena Luca Med + Spa?

Lorena Luca Med + Spa is dedicated to delivering exceptional beauty and wellness experiences. Our expert estheticians are committed to providing top-tier waxing services tailored to your unique needs and preferences. We take pride in using high-quality products and techniques to ensure a comfortable and practical waxing session. Our inviting and serene spa environment is designed to make you feel relaxed and pampered throughout your visit. With our range of waxing services in Raleigh, including precise eyebrow design and facial hair removal, you can trust us to help you achieve smooth, hair-free skin. Schedule your appointment today to experience the benefits of our exceptional spa services and uncover a more radiant you.

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Waxing FAQ

Does waxing hurt?

Can facial waxing cause irritation or breakouts?

How should I prepare for a waxing appointment?

Can I wax if I'm using topical skincare products like retinoids or alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs)?

Does waxing hurt?

Waxing can cause some discomfort, especially during the hair removal process. However, many people find that the discomfort diminishes with each subsequent waxing session, and there are techniques to minimize pain, such as using numbing creams or taking pain relievers beforehand.

Can facial waxing cause irritation or breakouts?

Facial waxing can cause temporary redness, irritation, or minor breakouts, especially for those with sensitive skin. However, these side effects are usually mild and subside within a few hours to a day. Proper post-waxing care, such as applying soothing creams or gels, can help alleviate discomfort.

How should I prepare for a waxing appointment?

Before your waxing appointment, it's important to ensure that the hair in the waxing area is at least a quarter-inch long, as this allows the wax to grip the hair effectively. Additionally, it's a good idea to exfoliate the skin gently a day or two before waxing to remove dead skin cells and prevent ingrown hairs.

Can I wax if I'm using topical skincare products like retinoids or alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs)?

It's advisable to avoid waxing over areas where topical skincare products containing retinoids or AHAs have been applied, as these ingredients can thin the skin and increase the risk of irritation or adverse reactions. It's best to discontinue use of these products in the waxing area for at least a week before waxing.

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