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Our commitment to excellence and innovation in the field of aesthetics ensures that you receive the highest-quality treatments designed to enhance your natural beauty. From injectables and laser therapies to skin renewal and hair restoration, we provide a tailored approach to meet your unique needs and goals. Explore our offerings below to discover how our expert team can help you achieve the desired results.


Are you looking to rejuvenate your appearance without undergoing surgery? Lorena Luca Med + Spa is your ultimate destination for safe and non-surgical anti-aging solutions through cosmetic injectables. Our highly trained and experienced injectors specialize in wrinkle relaxers and dermal fillers from brands such as BOTOX®, Dysport®, XEOMIN®, Juvederm Plus XC, Restylane Lyft, and more. With years of experience, our injectors are known as the best in the Triangle for delivering beautiful, natural-looking results. Whether you want to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles or restore volume to your face, we offer a wide range of neurotoxins and dermal fillers to cater to your unique needs and goals.

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Introducing the Tetra Coolpeel® CO2 laser treatment, the latest non-surgical, minimally invasive ablative CO2 laser resurfacing solution. Tetra Coolpeel® Laser Resurfacing is designed to jumpstart collagen production, helping your skin look more youthful and rejuvenated.

Our Coolpeel® laser is highly versatile and customizable, allowing our medical aesthetic providers to adjust the power, density, and pulse durations of the laser energy for optimal skin resurfacing treatments. This flexibility ensures patients receive customized treatments addressing their specific needs and goals.

Benefits of the Coolpeel® Laser Treatment include improving skin firmness, reducing wrinkles, sun damage, age spots, hyperpigmentation, acne scars, skin tone, texture, and large pores. Click the link below to learn more about this groundbreaking laser treatment at Lorena Luca Med + Spa.

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Vivace RF Microneedling

Experience the Vivace Experience™, a best-in-class procedure combining microneedling and radiofrequency with integrated LED light therapy. Unlike other microneedling systems, the entire Vivace treatment, including post-procedure, is nearly pain-free, providing an award-winning patient experience. The robotic insulated needle delivery emits energy evenly with a precisely controlled depth into the skin's dermis. Vivace's robotically controlled handpiece delivers collagen-stimulating power two times deeper than any other laser, maximizing effectiveness for next-level results. Additionally, only Vivace employs RF microneedling treatments with LED light, which boosts healing while rejuvenating sebaceous and acne-prone skin. Safe for all skin types and ethnicities, Vivace Skin Tightening RF Microneedling at Lorena Luca Med + Spa in Raleigh, NC, is the ultimate solution for younger-looking, radiant skin. Contact us today via call or text to schedule an appointment and start your journey towards healthier, youthful-looking skin!

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Laser hair removal

Discover pain-free laser hair removal treatment with our breakthrough technology, the MotusAZ+ laser. Our laser technology is safe for all skin types and shades, ensuring no tissue damage during treatment. As Raleigh's leading medical aesthetic provider, we specialize in state-of-the-art, non-surgical med aesthetic procedures, and our MotusAZ+ laser has elevated laser hair removal to a new level. With our fast and efficient laser hair removal pricing by area, you can be sure you are getting competitive and reasonable prices for your laser hair removal needs. Please book your appointment now and discover our safe and pain-free laser hair removal treatment at Lorena Luca Med + Spa.

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IPL, BBL & laser skin renewal

At Lorena Luca Med + Spa in Raleigh, NC, we are dedicated to providing the best laser treatments for skin renewal, including CoolPeel, IPL, laser resurfacing, and BBL. Our treatments use state-of-the-art laser technology to promote collagen stimulation and improve skin tone, texture, and elasticity. Our IPL treatment with Sciton's Broad Band Light (BBL) laser is ideal for addressing various skin concerns, from facial redness and rosacea to acne scars, sun damage, age spots, enlarged pores or blood vessels, as well as fine lines and wrinkles. Our non-invasive laser treatments are safe and effective, with little to no downtime, making them an excellent choice for those seeking to rejuvenate their skin without surgery. Book your complimentary consultation now and discover the benefits of laser skin renewal at Lorena Luca Med + Spa.

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CoolSculpting is a non-surgical fat reduction procedure that uses cryolipolysis technology to freeze and destroy fat cells, resulting in a slimmer, more contoured appearance. However, it's important to note that not all CoolSculpting procedures are created equal. The skill and experience of your technician, as well as the technology and applicators used, can significantly impact your results.

At Lorena Luca, we offer a personalized approach to each patient's treatment plan, with highly trained and certified technicians, state-of-the-art technology, and ongoing training to ensure the best possible results. We also provide a luxurious spa environment and complimentary consultations to help you achieve your fat loss goals safely and effectively.

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Medical Aesthetics

Medical aesthetics offer innovative procedures to address various skin concerns. Vivace RF Microneedling and RejuvaPen Micro-Needling are highly effective treatments that stimulate collagen production to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and minimize pores and stretch marks without side effects or downtime. Other treatments Lorena Luca offers include PRP for scalp and hair restoration, AlphaRet peels, signature dermaplaning, and the Perfect Lift Treatment PRX-T33. Administered by highly trained technicians, these treatments provide significant tightening and pigmentation reduction.

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PRP Hair Restoration

At Lorena Luca in Raleigh, we offer platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments for hair restoration, using your platelets to stimulate follicles and increase the number of hairs per follicle. Our PRP Hair Restoration treatment is a preventative measure intended to slow hair loss and thinness, helping you restore fullness to your hair and scalp and strength to the hair follicles. In addition, we also offer platelet-rich plasma (PRP) facial treatment, a regenerative therapy that uses the client's blood to stimulate the growth of new stem cells in the face and collagen formation, rejuvenating the skin.

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Whether you're looking to reduce the signs of aging, restore confidence, or revitalize your skin, our personalized and result-driven treatments are tailored to meet your unique needs. We invite you to explore our services, schedule your consultation, and embark on a journey to discover the best version of yourself.

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